We make your ambitions our business.
We want your creativity to flourish, and we want to hear your entrepreneurial ideas. We embrace different perspectives and we’re interested in yours.


Welcome to the world of endless opportunities to express yourself with full potential. At Phoenix Realty Services, your talent get the wings and finally you become what you aspire to be.


Your Ambitions get a path in Phoenix. If you’re ambitious and want to build a career in an evolving real estate industry, we'd like to meet you. Help us reimagine the world of real estate, and we'll help you achieve your ambitions.


Be the part of the most dynamic team. We are happy to have the most dynamic team under our hood, who helps us to embrace innovation and also help our clients reimagine what real estate can be. Get a chance to be a part of them.


If you have the passion of doing great things, we need you here. Your passion and our support, will make you reach the career goal.

The real secret of Success is Enthusiasm!

A Workplace you will Love!

Workplace Equality

We respect and value the differences at Phoenix. We believe that, we can create the most value out of anything when dynamic minds from different backgrounds, with different point of view work together for soemthing extra-ordinary. This thought has always let us bring some best in class output and creativity which our customers and people love.


We pride ourselves on being an organization that embraces and promotes strong principles of business and professional ethics at every level.


At Phoenix, we promote a different culture. A culture that rewards people and we strongly look forward and ensure you that, you have access to everything, when it comes to achieving your ambition.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our goal is to ensure that Phoenix is a compelling destination where team members feel valued, engaged, and inspired to do their best work.

Life @ Phoneix

Yes we work hard. We work hard as we want to see our customers happy with our services and for that we leave no tables unturn. But along with work we make each moments count when its about celebration. We believe that when you are stress free, the best and the most productive can happen and thats the reason, we have every options set up in place to cut off your stress, so that your stress does not over power your creativity and your creativity gets the right boost.