Phoenix- Your Real Estate Advisor
The trust that our clients place in us in based on the strength of our expertise in paperwork and legal matters related to property. Whether it is an expert legal opinion, title verification, registration assistance, power of attorney, patta, utility bills transfer or ensuring procurement of all the documents that are required to establish a clear title in your name, we do it all. More than anything, you will get our unbiased advice and your interests shall remain our top priority. We at Phoenix can handle agreement or contract and deed drafting for any property related purposes. This can include drafts for Sale Agreement, Sale Deed/Conveyance Deed, Gift Deed, Will, Partition Deed, Settlement Deed etc. A well-drafted legal document plays a significant role in eliminating confusion and avoiding future disputes through bringing in clarity and purpose clearly to the fore. We prepare the drafts and your documents with the prime purpose of protecting your interests and ensuring that any transaction you enter into is clean and grants you / your successors peaceful possession of the property. So, with the complete real estate services under one hood, you need not hop from places to places anymore. Just sit, relax and watch your dream taking its shape.