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Mutation is a transfer of ownership from an existing owner to the new owner when the property is transferred by way of gift deed, Will, inheritance, partition or when it is sold. Therefore, due to mutation of property, the new owner is able to record the property on his name in the land revenue department. Land is a state subject and each state has a record of land/property deals. These records act as a proof of ownership and help the common man to keep their property investments safe. As all the information regarding land records are registered, this reduces the scope for property-related frauds. Now, once a buyer completes the land-buying process, the responsibility to get the new information registered in the revenue records arises. Land and property mutation also helps the state to fix property tax liability.

While documents required to complete the mutation process might vary from state to state, a buyer would have to submit the following:

  • Correctly filled property mutation application form
  • Copy of the sale/title deed
  • Affidavit on stamp papers
  • Indemnity bond
  • Copy of  Aadhaar Card
  • Property tax receipts
  • Copy of will or succession certificate or death certificate of the owner (if applicable).

    Once the above mentioned documents are provided, it might take the municipal body 15 to 30 days to update the record, after which it would issue a property mutation certificate to you. In case of land mutation, it will take at least a month for the records to show change in land ownership. At Phoenix we take care of all these and help you to complete the mutation process at ease.